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    by Published on Monday, 26 November, 2012 22:43  Number of Views: 3988 



    You're probably wondering what this site is about?

    A group of us met playing WoW when we were part of a guild named Champions of Draenor. Since then we've drifted around lots of other games, some together and some separate. We've mostly kept in touch with one another via one medium or another, but we've never really had a central place to do so. Our most common gathering point has tended to be the forum for whatever was the most recent game we played (be it active or not). We knew we were going to keep doing this movement between games and therefore we felt it made sense to create a gaming community rather than specific sites for specific guilds / games.

    The community name Champions of Draenor is really about going back to our roots. Yes, Draenor is the Orc origin planet in Warcraft, but the name has history for many of us and we are very proud of heritage that goes with it. We use the term community because essentially that's what we hope for us to be - this site is not just limited to those old members; we've just laid the foundations.

    We have a few key areas to our site:

    • Public area which tells people who and what we are
    • Member area which is used for general conversation
    • Game area which has a sub-forum per game
    • Private area which we keep for administration

    We don't really want to complicate the site beyond that. Historically our old web sites used to have lots of sub-forums for raiding, classes, news etc. If we can limit posts to these sub-forums it will, in our opinion, be more engaging for any users and simplistic enough. WoW stuff goes in the WoW sub-forum, SWTOR stuff in the SWTOR sub-forum and so on. No obvious place for it to go, whack it in the free for all Tavern. You can find details of which servers and guilds our members are part of so people are more likely to gather within.

    If this sounds like it's right up your street then please register a forum account and join us.